Programs and Initiatives

Recognizing the uniqueness of each person made in the image and likeness of God, Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools acknowledges and respects the diverse needs of learners in our schools. Providing opportunities to allow each individual to reach their full potential, a variety of programs are provided to support and challenge all students.

The common characteristics of all initiatives at Christ The Redeemer (CTR) Catholic Schools is a focus on faith, academic excellence, healthy schools, and stewardship. CTR’s faith focus calls us to walk with our students in love while on our common faith journey. One of our touchstones is to Leave Not One Heart Behind. Academically, we have focused intensely on literacy for over a decade, targeting comprehension, fluency, and nurturing a love of reading and writing though our Readers and Writers Workshop initiative. More recently, elementary teachers have completed intense collaborative teamwork on our mathematics program.  Through our Healthy Schools Initiative, we strive to create schools that nourish students socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Teachers work collaboratively to implement Universal Mental Health Strategies in the regular classroom, and every school is supported by one or more social workers through our Family School Liaison and Connection Worker programs. CTR also has a divisional Many and One Committee aimed at dismantling racism and discrimination in our schools. We also have a high functioning Student Services program, supporting students with special needs of all kinds. In terms of Stewardship, CTR is proud to dedicate most of its resources to staffing and the creation of small class sizes.