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June 26 - Facebook Post
Congratulations to Marcel W., recipient of the Grade 6 Town of Strathmore Citizenship Award! Strathmore Citizenship Award – Sacred Heart Academy ​This year’s citizenship award recipient is a student who is exceptionally kind, generous, and patient. His attitude is always positive, and he is continually uplifting to his peers. He is a friend to everyone and goes out of his way to include all students. He is pleased to help anyone with any task, regardless of who is asking and regardless of what the task involves. He is simply pleased to be able to help any other person. This student has been a continual leader in our school community. When given a challenging task, he approaches it with a positive attitude, excitement, and resilience. This perspective is contagious, and we often find his peers feel inspired by working with him because of it. What is especially unique about this student is how he is always appreciative of feedback. He has a growth mindset and as such, views each redirection as an opportunity to grow. Generosity and patience have been observed in this student through the many challenges of Covid-19. He takes all adjustments and protocols in stride and encourages his peers to remain positive and appreciative of their blessings. These traits of generosity and patience have also been highlighted through his volunteer work with our music program. This student dedicated recesses, and after school time to music rehearsals. He has volunteered a significant amount of time, effort, and especially his talent in singing, to share a truly touching musical ability for our Faith Celebrations. Thanks to his effort the entire SHA community was able to celebrate our faith more expressively and meaningfully. It is apparent that his positive approach to life is building his skills as a leader which in turn has been enriching his experiences, education, relationships, and most importantly, his faith. God has blessed all of us by enriching our lives with this student’s lovely spirit. Congratulations Marcel W, you are a true disciple of God, and you are truly Precious in His Sight! SHA and the Strathmore community are blessed to have you!