School Fees

In 2017, Bill 1 – An Act to Reduce School Fees – was proclaimed by the government. The government expressed their intention to make life better and more affordable for Alberta families.

Under this legislation, fees for specific instructional supplies and materials are no longer eligible for collection. Parents in Alberta are no longer charged fees for textbooks, workbooks, photocopying or printing, and paper.

At Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools, in excess of $631,000 has been eliminated.

The regulation does allow for other fees which must meet certain criteria, including being clearly expressed in the board’s fee schedule, as well as being connected to a specific good or service. Christ the Redeemer Catholic School Division’s Fee Schedule for 2018-2019 was officially approved by the government in July 2018.

The remaining approved school fees are listed below, and include enhanced course fees, non-curricular fees, and transportation fees that are not supported by government funding.

Please note that the eligible fees listed below as proposed may be overstated. In all cases, the schools make efforts to further reduce the costs for field trips, non-curricular events, and extra-curricular activities. Parents who struggle to pay the approved fee have the opportunity to speak to the Principal regarding a waiver of fees.

Fee Name/DescriptionProposed Fees
Kindergarten Trip to Calgary Corn Maze$29.40
Kindergarten trip to Kayben Farms/Butterfield Acres$21.00
Kindergarten Additional Trip$26.25
Kindergarten in School Activity with Mad Science8.00
Kindergarten Trip to Strathmore Pool10.00
Grade 1 Trip to Calgary Zoo$25.00
Grade 1 Trip to Bassano Outdoor Pool$26.25
Grade 1 In School Activity with Teachers Pet$25.00
Grade 1 In School Activity with Teachers Pet (2)$25.00
Grade 1 Trip to Strathmore Pool$11.00
Grade 2 Trip to Heritage Park$23.10
Grade 2 Additional Trip$19.95
Grade 2 Trip to Camp Chestermere$26.00
Grade 2 Trip to Strathmore Pool$10.00
Grade 3 Trip to Calgary Science Center$21.00
Grade 3 Trip to Leisure Center$32.55
Grade 3 Trip to Strathmore Ag Grounds$20.00
Grade 3 Trip to Strathmore Pool$10.00
Grade 4 Trip to Tyrell Museum$36.75
Grade 4 Trip to Blackfoot Crossing$26.25
Grade 4 Trip to Strathmore Ag Grounds$20.00
Grade 4 Trip to Strathmore Pool$10.00
Grade 5 Trip to Spruce Meadows$16.80
Grade 5 Trip to Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump$32.55
Grade 5 Additional Trip$42.00
Grade 5 Trip to Strathmore Pool$10.00
Grade 6 Trip to Science Center/Legislative Building$138.60
Grade 6 Additional Trip$21.00
Grade 6 Additional Trip 2$19.95
Grade 6 Trip to Strathmore Pool$10.00
Grade  4, 5, 6 Curling$6.00
Grade 4, 5, 6 Water Polo$10.00
Grade 3, 4, 5 Swimming Lessons$65.00
Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 Golf$15.00
Grades 4, 5, 6 Kickball$5.00
Grade 5 & 6 Archery$15.00
Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Skating$5.00
Grade 6 Basketball$25.00
Grade 6 Volleyball$25.00
Rocks & Rings/Curling$6.00
Inline Skating$10.00