Update as of March 1, 2022 

As we have done throughout the pandemic, Christ The Redeemer (CTR) Catholic Schools continues to adhere to the guidance of the Minister of Education and the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH). Complete details from the Ministry on Staying Safe and Healthy this School Year can be found here.  CTR will continue with a multifaceted approach to reducing the risk of spread of both COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses with the following measures:  

Return to Near-Normal

  1. CTR will continue to take reasonable steps in a gradual return to near-normal and follow the guidance of both the Minister of Education and the Chief Medical Officer of Health.
  2. Principals are asked to begin a resumption of near-normal operations with respect to parents, volunteers, and visitors in the school.
  3. A further return to normal begins on March 1st with the provincial Step Two plan.


  1. As per provincial guidance, starting Monday, February 14, there will be no masking requirements for students in schools or on school buses in Alberta. This applies to early childhood services (ECS) to Grade 12. Students can continue to wear masks if they choose.
  2. Effective March 1st, the provincial mask mandate will be removed for most settings. CTR will also remove all mask requirements in all areas of the school for all individuals, including teachers, visitors, and other adults.
  3. CTR will support students and staff who choose to wear masks.
  4. Masks will still be required in accordance with isolation requirements.

Rapid Tests, Isolation, and Daily Health Screening 

  1. Parents/guardians continue to play an essential role in supporting our schools by keeping their children home when sick with one or more core symptom. Before leaving home, staff, students, and visitors should monitor for any symptoms daily using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist (February 2022).
  2. The mandatory requirements to isolate have not changed. Information about isolation requirements is available here
  3. All students and staff are encouraged to participate in Alberta Health Services’ optional at-home rapid testing program as long as tests are available. 
  4. Instructions for what to do after receiving a positive test or negative test (while symptomatic) are located here. After a positive test, fully vaccinated individuals will isolate for 5 days from the start of symptoms or until they resolve, whichever is longer, but they must wear a mask at all times for the next 5 days. After a positive test, unvaccinated individuals will isolate for 10 days from the start of symptoms or until they resolve, whichever is longer. Comprehensive information on the isolation requirements for those testing positive for COVID can be found here.
  5. The province distributed rapid tests to schools, although the second shipment has not yet been received by all schools. CTR’s schools will distribute the remaining rapid tests to students.
  6. With the repeal of the Restrictions Exemption Program, effective Wednesday, February 9th, CTR’s Vaccinate or Test Administrative Procedure for staff is repealed. CTR Human Resources will destroy any notation or records gathered including all information collected through Atrieve.
  7. With the repeal of the Restrictions Exemption Program, effective Wednesday, February 9th, volunteers, visitors, and other adults at the school will no longer need to provide either proof of vaccination or a negative test. Schools will remove signage pertaining to this requirement.

Hand Hygiene, Respiratory Etiquette, Cleaning, and Ventilation 

  1. Schools will promote and facilitate hand hygiene by maintaining one hand sanitizing station in each classroom and in many common areas of the school. Schools will continue to encourage students to practice hand hygiene.
  2. Teachers will continue to promote proper respiratory etiquette by reminding students to cough and sneeze into a tissue, one’s elbow, or a mask rather than their hand.
  3. Schools will maintain regular daytime cleaning and increased disinfection of high traffic/touch areas throughout the day.
  4. Schools will maintain effective ventilation by delivering three air exchanges per hour, as compared to former standards of two air exchanges per hour. In addition, the heating and ventilation filters have been set  to the highest efficiency particulate filter that the system is capable of handling without impeding airflow. Air exchange is set for longer hours during the day. Air filters are replaced more frequently than manufacturer’s suggested guidelines. Modular classrooms have the same ventilation standards, and CTR installed operable windows in most modulars over the summer. Teachers will be asked to keep windows open to encourage air circulation when climatically reasonable.

Cohorts and Physical Distancing 

  1. Effective March 1st, any remaining provincial school requirements (including cohorting) will be removed.
  2. The regular classroom cohorts currently in place will be maintained.
  3. Schools can consider strategies to reduce crowding between all students/staff in areas inside and outside of the classroom, including hallways, washrooms and common areas. 
  4. CTR has maintained staffing levels at Pre-COVID levels. K-12 class sizes are projected to be an average 22.6 students per class.
  5. CTR has maintained staffing levels at Pre-COVID levels. K-12 class sizes are projected to be an average 22.6 students per class.

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Programming 

  1. Co-curricular and extra-curricular programming will continue.
  2. The Board has not yet lifted their decision to suspend international travel.

Non-Essential Indoor Gatherings

  1. All indoor gatherings for both staff and students may resume.
  2. Effective March 1st, all gathering restrictions and occupancy limits will be lifted and activities return to normal.

Responding When Staff or Student Absenteeism Rates Increase

  1. CTR will continue to monitor student and staff absence rates on a daily basis to assess operational viability.  Daily student absenteeism due to illness rates for each school will continue to be posted on our website here.
  2. CTR has used substitute teachers, non-certified classroom supervisors, and internal coverage to respond when staff absenteeism increased.
  3. Absent students will continue to be supported with makeup tasks upon their return to school and work expectations may be reduced for those experiencing an extended absence.
  4. CTR avoided sending classes or cohorts to at-home learning during the Omicron wave.
  5. CTR expects to be able to continue in-person learning, as both staff and student absentee rates are declining.

COVID-19 Vaccines

  1. As AHS indicates, Getting Vaccinated is our best defence to beat serious illness from COVID-19.  Everyone 5+ is eligible for vaccination.
  2. AHS is also encouraging eligible individuals to get their booster shots.

Supporting Parental Choice and Staff Choice 

  1. CTR will not impose any deadlines on moving from the traditional school to the Centre For Learning@Home or vice-versa, but principals will counsel families about both the advisability of such transfers and making transitions at logical and appropriate times to minimize learning loss when making the transition.

Mental Health

  1. CTR is committed to supporting mental health concerns by training teachers to implement universal strategies in the regular classroom, while also maintaining targeted support for at-risk students.
  2. CTR’s staff wellness initiative will continue.

Learning Loss

  1. CTR is remediating learning loss using funds secured to remediate literacy and numeracy concerns in young children, and this will complement the existing reading intervention programs (Early Reading Intervention, Enhanced Reading, and Precision Reading) led by trained professionals that are already in place at every school.
  2. Beginning Tuesday, January 11, students in Grades 4 to 9 can access free online tutoring resources to help them catch up on important skills and learning in which they may have fallen behind due to the pandemic. Through the e-Tutoring Hub, students can watch pre-recorded learning sessions on numeracy and literacy at any time. Tutoring services will be expanded to include more grades and subjects later this year, as well as live tutoring sessions.

Provincial Testing 

  1. January 2022 Diploma exams have been cancelled by the Minister of Education. The Minister has not yet made a decision on whether to proceed with Diploma Exam testing in June 2022.
  2. Schools/teachers have been given local autonomy with respect to whether or not they offer teacher-made final exams and how much they will be weighted.
  3. Grade 6 and 9 PAT exams will be administered in all subjects in June (English Language Arts, French Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies). January's scheduled Grade 9 Provincial Achievement tests will proceed as scheduled with the exception of ELA/FLA, which are moved to the week of January 20th.